The Guardian tier consists of 7 creatures, all of them are docile/territorial and roams the land freely. If provoked or attacked, they will attack you and your dinos. Every Guardian drops resources that no other tier drops, resources that are needed to progress further into Gaia. Their attacks will apply Guardian Fire buff, which drains 10% health over time. Remember that these are bosses, so buffs cant be applied to them. Can not be tamed or knockedout. All Guardians have a forced spawnlimit of 10 per creature, and custom music, this can be changed in your serversettings. If you attack a landbased Guardian with a flyer, each hit will ground your flyer for 3 seconds.

Guardian Dragon
Base stats; Health 17.500, Stamina 1.200, Oxygen 200, Food 500, Weight 600, Melee damage, 400, 400, 45.
Will drop Dragon Tooth & Dragon Scale.

Guardian Turtle
Base stats; Health 20.000, Stamina 800, Oxygen 600, Food 500, Weight 800, Melee damage, 375, 375.
Will drop Turtle Shell.

Guardian Saber
Base stats; Health 16.250, Stamina 950, Oxygen 200, Food 500, Weight 650, Melee damage, 275, 275.
Will drop Saber Fur.

Guardian Stego
Base stats; Health 16.250, Stamina 600, Oxygen 300, Food 500, Weight 900, Melee damage, 438, 438.
Will drop Stego Bone.

Guardian Jerboa
Base stats; Health 11.250, Stamina 500, Oxygen 200, Food 500, Weight 350, Melee damage, 238, 238.
Will drop Jerboa Intestines.

Guardian Mantis
Base stats; Health 17.500, Stamina 800, Oxygen 250, Food 500, Weight 550, Melee damage, 200, 300, 400.
Will drop Mantis Vertebrae.

Guardian Dodo
Base stats; Health 45.000, Stamina 1.200, Oxygen 250, Food 500, Weight 550, Melee damage, 1000 1000.
Will drop a random amount of Guardian loot. Spawns all other Guardians as minions when attacked. Those will not drop loot and are destroyed after 30 seconds.

Aether Guardian
Base stats; Health 150.000, Stamina 1.500, Oxygen 250, Food 6.000, Weight 1.000, Melee damage, 1000 1000.
Has a powerful firebreath that melts your health away and drops large amounts of Essence of Void.
Does not spawn in the wild. Have a small chance of spawning when killing any regular Guardian. This spawnchance can be controlled in your servettings. Killing the Aether one will spawn in a wild Crystal creature nearby.