The tales of these lands begins long before we came to this dreadful place that we call home. This land has ruins that tell impossible stories, many believe they are simply myth and legend. However this is not the case, the stories you read on the walls of our home are indeed true and because of that you should be afraid. Among the stories there is but one which will you not find on our walls, but in our books. Hidden long ago for fear of the outsiders would find it and unlock the secrets it may hold.

But that was so long ago and I am tired, I leave this message for you, traveller for I believe you will set us free.

Your friend, J

And now our story begins.

Gaia, her light is known to all as the creator and birth of life itself. She spun all we know into creation, our lives, our souls, the ground we walk on, and of course. The Angels that protect us, the Ao’Tuan. But something lurked in the shadows of her creations, something deep and foul. The void that Gaia was born from gave life to another being, something of an equal to her its name was Sebulba and it infected her beautiful Ao’Tuan with something far worse than what she could have ever imagined, Death. Her Angels will die and morph into horrid creatures only to pass the infection on to others. Gaia realized her angels lives would be forfeit to the creature and the darkness it spreads. So she set forth to make a deal.

Gaia traveled to its realm of Tartarus and spoke her decree:

“You will cease this infection and terror, instead we shall make a deal.”

“Your confidence is intriguing continue, i however note that i do not take orders from you.”

“Loser ceases to exist, winner takes all”

“Thats a bold bet, are you sure you’re willing to die so easily?”

“The life i bestowed below have gained power through millions of years of evolution and survival, the deal is simple. We will both send warriors below to fight, not through themselves but through how the creatures have evolved to fight.”

“You expect me lower myself to these creatures that YOU have made? You must take me for a fool.”

“Nonsense, you may twist the creatures to your desires if needed but be warned, should you mend them beyond what is needed you forfeit your end of the deal.”

Sebulba sits and thinks “You do understand you will lose and i will kill you correct?”

Gaia smiles, “let the creatures below decide that.”