Gaia Beacons

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Gaia Beacons must be loaded before other mods that remaps vanilla beacons.It also requires Gaia since it contains all the files for Gaia Beacons.

General properties

Remaps vanilla beacons/supplydrops so they contain Gaia stuff only.
Works on surface beacons(TheIsland, TheCenter, Aberration, Scorched Earth, Ragnarök, Valguero etc).
Do not remap cave crates, Deep Sea Crates or Extinctions Orbital Supply Drops.

Tier 1 – Level 3/15 – White/Green.
Tier 2 – Level 25-50 – Blue/Purple.
Tier 3 – Level 45-80 – Yellow/Red.

Beacons dont have any of the endgame/OP stuff, just items, tools, weapons, tranqs, metals, lesser elixirs etc.