Bonsai Cherry
Created in Gaia Bonsai Tree.

Gaia Fungi
Plant it to make Gaia Mushrooms. Crafted in your inventory.

Gaia Mushroom
Eat it raw to get a groove buff or used in recipes.

Gaia Nitro
Used as fertilizer, 10 times more potent than regular fertilizer. Crafted in Gaia Spoiler.

Infernal Metal
Food for Infernal creatures. Is automatically made in their inventory if they have enough metal in it.

Kiwmoya Fruit
Consume it to slowly fill your stomach and heal your body or used in recipes.

Kiwmoya Fruit Seed
Plant it to grow your own Kiwmoya fruits. Crafted in your inventory.

Miracle Grow
Works like the vanilla re-fertilizer but 10 times more potent. Crafted in your inventory.

Sativa Bud
Extracted from the Sativa Plant. Eat it to get a buff or used in recipes.

Sativa Seeds
Created from various resources. Crafted in your inventory.

Gaia TimeShard
Used for taming Chrono creatures. Dropped by Savages.

Mana Element
A fiber-enriched element, meant for consumption. Creatures will automatically consume this to prevent starvation. Drops from Gaia creatures and can be crafted in Alchemy Table.