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Adds 1 creature, the BombDo! A small but aggressive creature that will hunt you down from far away and explode, dealing AoE damage to everything nearby.

Be warned, this creature will be both annoying and challenging. Only use it if you want to add back some fear and you are prepared to lose your stuff.

General properties

Will explode upon attack. Will explode if killed from a distance.
Will explode by itself after a set amount of time.
Only attacks players and tamed creatures. Is ignored by wild creatures.
Base stats except increased speed and size.
Spawns at servers maxlevel.
Can not be torpid or tamed.
Immune to buffs and cant be pushed/picked up.
Will not damage metal unless specified.
Max allowed BombDo’s can be specified.



MaxAllowed controls how many BombDodos there can be active.
Speedmultiplier and HealthMultiplier controls health and speed.
PassiveExplodeTime controls how many seconds it’ll live before exploding.
ExplodeDamage is the amount of dmg it does upon explosion.
ExplodeDamageMetal decides if the explosion will hurt metal and tek structures.